Candles by Shylae

Сandles made of vegan soy wax blend to bring coziness and warmth to any home.

Our Mission

We are a company that takes pride in our vegan soy wax blend candles. We have done extensive testing to come up with the best formula for our candles so you can expect an amazing, strong scent. Also, we love to spread positivity so each candle will help bring a graceful affirmation to your life.

About the CEO


Store Owner

I fell in love with candles around 2014. I lit the candle and loved how relaxed it made me feel, the ambiance that the candle brought to the room and of course, the scent! Needless to say, I slowly but surely became obsessed and started growing a real passion for candles! Every store I went to I had to go down the candle aisle. Even if I wasn't buying a candle, I had to just go and smell them. I know - obsessive. I ended up with a candle collection of all kind of candles. 

It was then that my husband suggested that I start a candle business because of my passion. I started doing extensive research and testing. I have to say, I instantly fell in love with the process of making candles. When I am in my lab, I am in my zone. I am focused and determined to make the best candle. I am constantly testing and researching to provide nothing but the best. Yet, I still have fun along the way. My goal for my candle business is to not only bring an amazing scent to your room but it'll also provide positive affirmations. Each candle will offer its own positive vibe that anyone can enjoy.